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Charity case—Traffic discounts continue

After planning discounts on traffic fines, the UAE is now introducing the option of reducing black points. Is the traffic department’s efforts charitable or costly?

August 7, 2011 3:32 by

Kipp’s noticed that the police have gotten somewhat more charitable since the onset of Ramadan. Remember the discounted traffic fines we reported not so long ago? Well, according to today’s National, the charitable discounts continue-this time in the form of reduced black points—at least in Abu Dhabi.

So the story goes, motorists who have accumulated between 24 to 31 black points can sign up for a series of lectures with Emirates Driving Company, covering traffic safety and avoiding common driving mistakes and accidents.

Apparently, motorists will also be evaluated by a social worker from a community center to establish any links between the motorist’s behaviour and their traffic violations. Kipp’s sure the results of these tests will be quite interesting as we’re sure it will be a very thorough examination which won’t include any racial profiling and stereotyping.

Though the article isn’t too clear on who would qualify for this special offer, after passing the a theory examination and road tests, said motorists will be able to reduce as many as eight black points off their driver’s license.

Kipp can’t help but think rather charitably towards this new special ‘offer.’ Unlike, the special discount on traffic fines being offered by Dubai police, at least reducing one’s  black points after passing an examination of some kind has an educational lesson attached to the experience-although, just how effective this education really will be is a different question altogether.

Although we do have to say, just the thought of being profiled and my traffic violations being analysed and collated with our personality profile is enough to Kipp straight in our driving ways.

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