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Cover to cover

Cover to cover

Does it matter if business magazines have the same cover image as their competitors?

January 4, 2009 2:52 by

According to the Middle East Media Guide 2008, the UAE publishes 16 English business magazines in all- weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly. So one would assume that it wouldn’t be too hard for a magazine, to keep track of what its competitors are publishing.

However, we were quite amused when we saw this picture comparing the cover pages of the October 2008 issue of Trends magazine and the December 2008 issue of Arabian Business.

While the story is similar, the picture is the same. The very same.

Do you think it doesn’t matter, or should magazines try to avoid repetition? At least on their covers?

Editors note- Trends magazine is owned by Mediaquest Corp, the parent company of Kippreport.

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  1. Raj on January 7, 2009 8:36 am

    Well Mediaquest obviously use a Photo libary who must have the rights to that cover pic. And from what I remember from my days in that field, the Libary would keep a log of who has used their pics and where. When we used a shot (especially on a cover) we made sure and even paid for the privalige of anything in that series of shots not being used on another cover. Did Mediaquest not do their homework Kipp???? Or was the Photo Libary just a little too greedy??? Kipp you need to investiagte.


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