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Crazy World

Crazy World

Emirates 24|7 has long since incorporated a “Crazy World” section and have posted stories there that would have been more adequate for a section called 'Creepy World' or "Cruel World."

April 21, 2011 8:27 by

When you see a section in a newspaper titled “Crazy World” what would you expect?

We don’t know about you but Kipp would imagine stories about quirky science inventions, youtube sensations, camels gives birth to two-headed baby camels or a heartwarming story of how a 60 year old woman gave birth to twins.
You know the kind of upbeat quirky randomness that makes you smile and slap your thigh and remark, “Well, isn’t it a crazy world we live in?”

Emirates 24|7 has long since incorporated a Crazy World section on their website; and in keeping with the very particular brand of journalism we all know and love, Emirates 24|7 for, it has posted stories under that section that would have been more adequate for a section called ‘Creepy World’ or ‘Cruel World’.

Not one to pick a bone with other news publications, ahem, Kipp’s tried to keep quiet on this particular section of Emirates 24|7, but the section today made us break our silence and here’s why.

Of the five stories that Emirates 24|7 posted in the section today, four were reports of murders and one was a rather charming piece on how Michelle Obama’s jet had to abort landing to avoid crashing into another plane landing.

But surely context matters? Here is a list of the stories as they appeared on the website:

Webcam boyfriend sees girl murdered (the incident happened while they were chatting)
Gran killed over $1 (a 22 year old in a fit of rage pushed his grandmother to her death when she didn’t give him cash)
Baby survives after being strangled and buried alive (a more uplifting piece, we must admit, seeing as the baby survived this murder)
Michelle Obama jet aborts landing (not really uplifting, quirky or anything really)
Man killed walking up downward escalator (when his clothing caught in the machinery and he was forceably carried down)
Crazy World, huh?
Now if reading a list like that doesn’t make you slap your thigh and chuckle out loud, Kipp thinks you are nothing but a grumpy old androgynous website.

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