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‘Creative’ is not the same as ‘smart’

‘Creative’ is not the same as ‘smart’

Entrepreneurship is certainly not for the faint hearted; sometimes the risk is larger than the gain, but the effort is always worthy of our respect. Sort of.

February 6, 2011 5:12 by

Kipp has said this a couple of times already, but if we were masochistic enough we’d love to set up our own business. We know that all of that lovely independence and being your own boss comes only thanks to the risky gamble you have taken; we’re a huge admirer of the bravery of entrepreneurs of all kinds.

Which is why we are slightly in awe of a recent story of a misdirected but remarkably gutsy entrepreneur in Kuwait. Emirates 24|7 reports that an Asian expatriate seeking to make a ‘quick buck’ chose to do so by selling locally-made liquor. OK, you’re wondering what’s so impressive about his story? Bootlegging, after all is a century old, if not older, profession. Well, the man chose to sell the liquor in 100 transparent water bottles right next door to a police centre–the logic being, that would be the last place they’d be looking for him.

Now, that kind of ‘thinking of out the box’ is what sets entrepreneurs apart from the rest.

Unfortunately for him (and you’ll have seen this coming) the 100 water bottles laid out did strike the police as suspicious and he was quickly arrested. Given the fact that alcohol is strictly banned in Kuwait, it is likely that the man will be deported once he’s been tried. An unfortunate end, but an interesting story of the creativity of entrepreneurs none the less.

Although also a warning – creativity is not necessarily the same thing as intelligence.

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