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Dh225,000 for an Anti-Smartphone

Dh225,000 for an Anti-Smartphone

…is plain ridiculous if you are asking Kipp.


May 4, 2011 4:14 by

If you aren’t aware, this month, Kippreport is focusing on special mobile technology. While some members of Kipp are too poor to afford one of those savvy smartphones and the pricey data-packages that come with it [give us a raise, boss], it would seem some are too rich to buy a savvy smartphone.
Or that at least is the idea behind the new Æsir—a new super expensive phone that can set you as far back as £37,000 (dhs225,000). So what exactly does this phone do, you ask? Does it have super fast internet? Or the ability to store more data that the chunkiest of hard drives?
No. The Æsir does absolutely nothing.
It doesn’t connect to the internet, it cannot download apps, it is just a basic phone that can make and receive calls. In fact, the company’s CEO called the Æsir, ‘an anti-smartphone.’
But let Kipp not discredit it too much, the phone actually took three years to design, is apparently made from “watch-grade material by European craftsmen, and everything down to the ring tones have been designed especially for it.” While a regular Æsir would cost you £6,400 (dhs39,000), a gold-plated version could cost as much as £37,000.
Kipp can think of another thing that is dumb and we are not just talking about the phone.


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  1. neil Byrne on May 4, 2011 5:12 pm

    hey guys the gold version is actually 18 carat gold not gold plated!


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