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Does Mommy mean business this time?

Does Mommy mean business this time?

90,000 property units are under scrutiny. Yaaaaawn. Wake Kipp up when some of them actually don’t make it.

April 7, 2011 1:59 by

“Don’t make me count to three.”


“I said stop it right now…”

“Two and a haaaalf…”

“Do you really want me to say three?”

So goes a mother’s hesitant threat, in hopes her countdown and raised hand will be enough of a bluff to get her child to behave.

Does the mother eventually scold her child? Well, Kipp can’t tell you because we’d walked away from the scene even before the verdict was dealt. It was obvious though the child was winning that game of chicken.

But Kipp doesn’t feel bad for the mom at all for raising an unruly child. Though we are not advocates of raising a hand at a child, we believe in strong willed parenting. If a child does something wrong, don’t hesitate to make them accountable for what they’ve done, encouraging them to think twice before doing it again.

Let’s face it, sometimes a gentle slap on the wrist just won’t cut it.

And Kipp thinks the same can be said for RERA. We were particularly reminded of this mother-child battle of the wills when we read in Xpress a report on RERA threatening to cancel 90,000 units in the Dubai.

While we’re happy to see that RERA is putting these projects under badly needed scrutiny. We’re scratching our heads a little on this one. We thought liaising between developer and investor and keeping a close eye on whether everyone is playing nice has always been under RERA’s remit.

So what’s the big deal? Is it that the authority is continuing to do what it’s supposed to be doing anyway?

Well okay then, here’s one virtual pat on the back for the RERA team.

Another pat on the back will be on its way if RERA turns into a stern mommy who means business.

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