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Does our future hold a fully digital Gitex?

Does our future hold a fully digital Gitex?

It’s all about technology to enhance our life, right? So why can’t we make Gitex more efficient and compact like we do our devices?

October 10, 2011 2:02 by

Just one day of walking up, down and around the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) to cover visit the different corners of Gitex, I already feel physically beaten. Refusing to say it’s because most Kipp days are spent sitting in front of the computer and tapping away at the frustrating world of red tape, hypocrisy and irrational legalese, I offer the long winding and impossible massive size of the Gitex map is to blame for my sore legs and back.

GITEX – Gulf Information Technology Exhibition – operative word: Technology. And our technology is pushing towards becoming more intuitive. Hardware is increasingly designed after our natural movements and body shape, while software is fast becoming more than just something we manipulate from behind a computer or mobile phone screen with the help of cloud computing.

So why is it that there have been no attempts to get Gitex full online? And if there has, why hasn’t it gotten off the ground?

Can you imagine a fully digital Gitex? It would be filled with webinars and demo sessions throughout the week where people can log in using their dedicated password or QR code and choose to view the real time demos online.

Okay so DWTC may not be happy about losing that business, not being able to charge for the physical space. (They should be talking to the print publications losing business to online titles, then) But times they are a-changing. It would save time, money, and can you imagine the amount of carbon footprint savings? If executed right, it would be phenomenal.

GITEX always gets us to think about leaping into the future of a full tech lifestyle. And no one can deny we are already more than a couple of steps into that ‘Minority Report’ future. So why don’t we make good on these tech promises and actually full digitise Gitex?

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