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Don’t be a tease

Don’t be a tease

Promos don’t mean anything if the company doesn’t have the resources to back it up. It’ll end up hurting the brand rather than helping it.

April 10, 2011 3:47 by

Qatar Airways unveiled one of the most impressive promotions as far as Kipp’s memory of airline promotional history goes. It’s tough to beat a 2-for-1 ticket deal the airline is running to celebrate its 100th destination launch.

Well, planning to run, really…or about to run, hopefully…yeah, there’s been a bit of confusion.

The 48-hour promotion was supposed to run between April 6 and 7. Kipp, like most people, had our browsers trained to the promo link to book a good deal.

After a few minutes on the site mulling over which far-flung exotic island Kipp should invade, however, and just as we hit the ‘book now’ button, a message came on saying that the promo had been postponed by another 24 hours, due to technical issues across all online airline booking systems.

Kipp’s a little disappointed but since it’s only another 24 hours…still not a big deal.

Fast forward to the next day and we’ve got our browsers trained on the promo site again.

What do you think happens next? (Well Kipp should hope its readers know by now that if this was a happy ending, then the blog would have started differently.)

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  1. charles battersea on April 28, 2011 1:30 am

    Qatar Airways latest promotion seems to have backfired big time – have a look at this blog – this is still an emerging story.


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