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Don’t drop the f-bomb

Don’t drop the f-bomb

An Australian man faces three years in prison for using the f-word.

October 26, 2009 10:47 by

A man who was arrested last month for swearing at a policeman in Dubai airport has had his passport confiscated, reported the Australian press on Monday. Former Australian soldier Sun McKay, 32, allegedly said “What the f–?” when a UAE police officer grabbed his arm.

“This guy in a blue shirt grabbed my wrist quite hard, pulled me towards him and started yelling at me in Arabic,” explained McKay.

He was taken to an interrogation following the incident, where he was questioned for three hours before being booked for using insulting and inappropriate language to an officer.

McKay’s passport was confiscated, and his case is pending trial. He faces up to three years in prison, followed by deportation.

Three years for dropping the f-bomb? We understand the cultural sensitivities, but Kipp thinks it’s unrealistic to expect people to remain calm when they’re being manhandled… especially if they’re just passing through, and they don’t know the UAE’s cultural norms.

Besides, Kipp thought the country was trying to attract tourists, not freak them out. In most countries, using the f-word could get you beaten up, which is fair enough. But jail time… that’s a little much for a country keen reviving its tourism sector.

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  1. John on October 26, 2009 9:57 pm

    Dubai is f***** up (Oops, guess I’m screwed too now). Used to be great, now its just messed up and corrupt. Anything goes. If a guy doesn’t like you, he’ll lock you up by stating something fake thing you can’t possibly find proff against, like swearing at an officer in this case.

  2. Matt on October 28, 2009 7:55 am

    I too swore at someone in Dubai and got in trouble, not with the law, but with my employer, but then I was getting picked on by someone smoking a cigar in a hotel foyer for the third night running, when he knew it annoyed me the other two nights, and he was a c***, so I told him. Talk about cultural insensitivity. Some people, like me, think it is rude to smoke around others and he was completely insensitive my cultural norms.

  3. Papu Kangi on October 28, 2009 12:09 pm

    Well 3 years in prison and deportation is a little harsh. A fine would be more appropriate especially considering that 80 billion dollar debt Dubai is in. Just makes more sense.

  4. DeniseTheMenace on November 2, 2009 10:05 am

    Papu Kangi – Well said darling !!! maybe the Police officer involv ed was well-heeled elite cousin of U know….how to get back….Law of land is clear under sharia’h

    Cheers to All

  5. JonaoK on November 13, 2009 2:59 pm

    “Consular staff met Mr McKay but said that he used “insulting and inappropriate language” towards them.”

    So it sounds like he was rude to the Australian Embassy staff too.


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