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Don’t you trust us?

Don’t you trust us?

The US consulate blew the threat out of proportion, says Dubai Police.

January 22, 2009 3:51 by

Ever since the new media law came out, we’ve been wary of making fun of anyone. We’re especially wary of poking fun at the Dubai Police. It’s harder than we thought.

Below are excerpts from an article in Gulf News published on January 22. The article was published after the US Consulate closed its doors on January 21. Read the excerpts and make your own judgments:

“In press statements, Lieutenant General Dahi said an Arab man had informed police via a public phone that he had information about another man’s intention to do something against the US consulate in Dubai.

Based on that, Dubai Police got in touch with the person who was reportedly going to do something. Lieutenant General Dahi said investigations revealed it was a malicious report and the person, whom the report was made against, had no plans to do anything against the consulate.

He said the malicious report could have been because of a dispute between the two concerned men. He pointed out that investigations are still under way to determine the reasons behind the report.

Lieutenant General Dahi also said the concerned people at the US consulate in Dubai were informed on Tuesday that the report was malicious and there were no plans to do anything against the consulate.

Lieutenant General Dahi was surprised that the consulate announced its closure yesterday and leaked its announcement to the media and news channels despite police assurances the report was malicious.

“Apparently the officials at the US consulate do not trust Dubai Police’s abilities or do not believe us which led them to close the consulate,” he said.

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