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Driving home to dinner

Driving home to dinner

The Dubai RTA’s new rule to issue one-year licenses may mean that we spend less time staring at the Burj Dubai.

August 24, 2008 12:20 by

Driving licenses in Dubai will be issued for one year only, reports Gulf News. The aim is to monitor the driver, reduce road accidents and improve driving culture, says the paper, quoting the licensing agency at the RTA. Drivers currently are given a license with a 10-year validity.
According to the new rule, a driver will be issued 10-year license only after three years, providing he or she has not committed serious traffic offences.
While the law is bound to produce several groans and moans of protest especially from youngsters, it will (hopefully) help to increase the safety on the roads and reduce accidents. This in turn may lead to less traffic jams, meaning we can all reach home faster.
That’s got to be good, doesn’t it? What do you think of the new rule?

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  1. Doubleletter on August 26, 2008 7:07 pm

    It will be interesting to seeRTA’s statistics at the end of the year.

    Are mistakes made by those who drive extra-carefully or overconfidently, and who drives like that ? Beginners or ‘Experienced’ drivers ?


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