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Du’s silly question

Du’s silly question

If you had concert tickets to give away, what better way to do it than with a quiz question about the musician’s dead mother?

November 11, 2010 12:17 by

Hot on the heels of the Etisalat quiz debacle, news reaches Kipp that the UAE’s other telecoms provider has proved itself equally barmy, though in a very different way.

Du has (or at least did have) tickets to give away for the Kanye West concert taking place this weekend at part of the Abu Dhabi Formula One festivities. To award the tickets, whoever runs the company promotions department did the obvious thing: They ran a competition by Twitter.

So far so good.

Rather than have a straight draw, they decided to test the Kanye-knowledge of fans by asking them a question about the self proclaimed lyrical genius of a generation.

So far, still good.

But here’s where it went off the rails. According to friend of Kipp, Paz Marketing’s Joe Akkawi, the question they decided to Tweet was: On which date did Kanye West’s mother pass away?

All aboard the bad taste train. Of course, the Tweet response was instant and the question was removed pronto. All that’s left is for us to marvel at the mind boggling PR gaffes that companies in this part of the world manage to blunder into so regularly. We should create an award.

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