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EIDA The Perfectionist

EIDA The Perfectionist

EIDA announces new transfer options, because, y’know , they’ve just about perfected the art of issuing IDs.

April 25, 2011 4:00 by

So this morning, Gulf News reported that everyone’s favourite national ID, the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) will now allow card applicants who did not get their ID card due to being unable to collect the card from a far away post office will now be able to do so by requesting a transfer of the card.

Kipp’s going to break it down for you, because we know the kind of confusion the mere mention of EIDA can instill in even the steadiest of minds. According to Gulf News, applicants submit a request to the post office to get their card transferred to the post office of their convenience. The staff at the counter then send that request to the post office where the card is kept at present, after confirming the identity of the applicant and the full details including the reference numbers. And presto! The card will be moved to the requested post office within three days.

Now hold on just a second! Granted this new ‘transfer’ system is definitely worthy of coverage, but jest as we may, Kipp is rather cynical of the effectiveness of such a transfer. The cursed EIDA saga has been going on for years now and Kipp has frequently covered just how inefficient the system has been. In fact just this month, The National carried a story that claimed more than 500,000 Emirates ID cards were notdelivered because of incorrect contact information, overwhelmed post offices and errors by applicants or in the official process. And earlier this year EIDA announced it was shutting down 67 typing centres across the UAE because of inaccurate EIDA applications submitted by these centers.

Kipp is glad that EIDA is looking to improve its rather flawed ways but if this new ‘transfer’ option sounds appealing to you, think twice. Just how long do you think EIDA’s ‘three days’ may in reality translate to?

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  1. Andrew on April 26, 2011 6:41 am

    I completed my application and finger printing in early October 2010, and have yet to hear a peep from them. That said I don’t expect to either … it already requires renewing.

    That said I do know my typing centre got my phone number wrong the first time around, and despite the correction I fully expect some database somewhere wasn’t updated.


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