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Enough is enough

Enough is enough

Emirates 24-7 has finally broken Kipp.

March 17, 2011 11:07 by

We tried. We tried to let it go. We tried not to mention it. We didn’t want to pick a fight. But it has given us no choice. Emirates 24-7 has finally crossed the line. They’ve come close to it before, but only now have they successfully managed to not only cross the lines of decency, but to pitch a tent there and start cooking dinner on a small gas camp stove.

Someone working there – indeed, several people working there – must be completely and utterly off their rocker. Yep, bold statement, but what else can you say about a website that thinks this is an appropriate illustration to accompany a story about a man who tried to murder his wife by setting her on fire. Someone actually picked that picture, thought it was a good idea, attached it to the story, and somebody else – at least one person, let’s say the web editor – thought “Yep, that’s the picture we’re after.” For Kipp it was the last straw.

We have watched in awe as Emirates 24-7 posts images that beggar belief to accompany stories over the last year or so since it went online only and began covering all news. Here’s a selection of our favourites (there would have been more but actually a number of images have been removed, presumably after someone with an ounce of sanity caught sight of them). The best bit about it? Under each picture the somewhat ironic caption: ‘Picture used for illustrative purposes only’. Ready? Here we go:

This story is of serious crime in Dubai falling, accompanied by a picture of various crimes taking place, with the caption explaining just what is going on: “The category covers murder, sexual and physical assaults, prostitution, robbery and theft” it says.

Here’s a teacher apparently molesting a student (for illustrative purposes only). Here’s a man getting run over (for illustrative purposes only). Here’s a terrified minor apparently about to be sexually assaulted (for illustrative purposes only). Here’s a baby in a flower (for illustrative purposes only). Here’s a nasty kidnapper at work (for illustrative purposes only).

This one here, accompanying a suicide, is particularly special, as it appears they have used Photoshop to add the noose with all the subtlety of a deranged monkey in a banana farm (for illustrative purposes only).

Oh and Kipp’s favourite – a story about someone being blinded by an attacker stamping on her head with stilettos accompanied by a picture of a stiletto shoe and a person with duct tape on her eyes (for illustrative purposes only).

It’s utter madness. And you know what? While we’re at it, we’re not sure features such as “Hot business women”, “Hottest actresses of Malayalam cinema”, “Beauties: from the ramp to the screen”, “Spot the difference [basically a porn star versus celeb comparison]”, “Celeb defects – no one is perfect!”, and “Hot princesses” really qualify for ‘News in pictures.’

Would someone at 24-7 please, please get a grip.

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  1. Denny on March 17, 2011 12:52 pm

    The removed pics include the autistic kid story illustrated with a photoshopped picture of a kid with cross eyes, the woman who was kidnapped and raped being illustrated with a pic of a woman’s legs sticking out of a car trunk and the UAE friendly photo features like “When Big Breasts Kill” (which sadly is no longer there)

    But this beauty of a headline still is:

  2. Ali on March 17, 2011 1:12 pm

    Connoisseurs of E247 tastelessness will recognise the following as a reqorking of their classic Autistic Boy wants to be a Woman picture.

  3. Plum Endemon on March 17, 2011 3:39 pm

    Perhaps it’s for people who can’t read but still want to be kept up to date with world affairs ….. Or maybe there is an in-house 24/7 competition going on to find the most ridiculous pictures to put into each issue. Or they’re just plain bonkers.


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