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Farewell, Portsmouth

Farewell, Portsmouth

Sulaiman al-Fahim bids adieu to Portsmouth fans, in broken English.

October 6, 2009 3:42 by

Sulaiman al-Fahim revealed on Monday that he has sold a 90 percent stake in Portsmouth to Saudi’s al Falaj brothers. Not surprising, he’s received negative press for his decision to sell, with one newspaper, The Guardian, calling his six-week reign of the British football team “the most ill-fated in Premier League history.”


Having been the recipient of bad press in the past, al-Fahim wrote a statement to Dubai-based Arabian Business magazine explaining his decision to sell the club. It’s a move Kipp lauds; it’s always better to be upfront with the public than to keep them guessing.

However, judging by his appalling English-language skills, it seems that the PhD he reportedly got from the Kogod School of Business of the American University in Washington DC did him a lot of good.

Below are excerpts of his statement, warts and all:

“So it has been a busy summer! Last night I completed the sale of 90 percent of my shares in Portsmouth FC to a consortium led by the Saudi-based Al Faraj brothers. Pompey fans will be probably be right ask why, and why so soon after I took over the club.

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