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Fat Arabs unhappy (but not that unhappy)

Fat Arabs unhappy (but not that unhappy)

Obese Arabs are unhappy about being obese, apparently, but not so unhappy they’re going to do anything about it. Just like everyone else on the planet, then.

December 20, 2010 2:38 by

“Hey there fat man. Do you like being fat?”

“No, not really.”

“Does it make you unhappy?”

“Er. Yeah I guess. If it means I have people like you bothering me, then yes, definitely.”

“So why don’t you take action?”

“Take action? What does that mean?”

“Do something about it. Go to the gym.”

“Um… no, you’re alright. I’ll just live with it. I’m not that bothered, if I’m honest.”

Al Aan TV and Yougov Siraj are worried about “the future health of the Arab people” after the survey they bankrolled/conducted respectively concluded that obese Arabs are unhappy about being obese, but they won’t take action about it.

According to the research 72 percent of Arabs don’t exercise adequately, 33 percent never or rarely visit a doctor, and most Arabs don’t have routine medical checkups.

In other words, Arabs appear to be pretty much like everyone else on the planet, then.

Helpfully, the press release accompanying the devastating findings tells us: “Obesity can be attributed to the high consumption of junk food and fat saturated meals, drinking large volumes of fizzy drinks, minimal workouts, emotional eating and lack of outdoor activities.” Thanks for that.

It also says, “some people [consider] obesity as [a] normal thing and not related to how beautiful a person is, instead defining beauty on education, personality and success.” How foolish we have all been. Kipp hopes that now we all realize that beauty is about how you look, plain and simple, and your personality means nothing. NOTHING! Shame on all of us for thinking otherwise.

Fortunately the Al Aan TV health specialists (!) have put together a series of extensive yet simple methods to assist you to accomplish a healthier… blah blah blah. They include doing some exercise and eating less junk. Oh, and this gem: “Have fun and try to laugh often. Laughter is the best medicine.” Depends on what your illness is, thinks Kipp.

What do you think? Is there cause to worry about the future health of the Arab people? Or are Arab people just the same as everyone else? After all, obesity is rampant in many parts of the world.

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  1. naz on January 3, 2011 5:16 pm

    what a piece!Aha ha….
    here in this part of the world,most of the ppl think PR is kid’s play, especially the SMEs, instead of understanding and utilizing PR, they end up becoming a joke.


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