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Flickr is back. But does it make a difference?

Flickr is back. But does it make a difference?

Amid the Twitterverse euphoria and the other media celebrations, Kipp asks the brave question: Who cares?

September 28, 2010 4:39 by

The Twitterverse is alive with celebrations after the file sharing website Flickr was finally unblocked in the UAE. Not just Twitter, either: blogs and social networks are also packed with people celebrating the move.

In the mainstream media, Gulf News confirmed the development. According to the paper, Yahoo posted a statement on its website on Monday confirming that Etisalat and Du would both now provide access to the site. The TRA apparently agreed to unblock all of Flickr except Flickr Groups.

The National suggests that to secure the deal, Yahoo may have had to agree a content filtering system like the one used in Singapore. But blogs and tweeters are undaunted, calling the move “BIG NEWS!!!” Some of the other reponses:

“Flickr unblocked in the UAE! Woohoo!”
“UAE unblocks Flickr!!! Yahoo! :)”
“*Hoorah! Not before time!*”
“that’s some good news :)”

It may be a major transgression to ask this amid the joyous popular conversation, but: So what? What difference does it make? It’s just a picture-file sharing site. And besides, they unblocked it because they can now filter it. Kipp doesn’t think it’s much of a milestone for press and media freedom in the region. It’s a victory, sure, but a small one. There is still a mountain to climb.

Sorry, but when all of the web is unblocked here, you will find us a bit more enthusiastic.

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