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Flo Rida’s Dubai vacation turns into music video

Flo Rida’s Dubai vacation turns into music video

Its crocodile and swamp scenes may not have been shot in Dubai but Flo Rida’s latest vacation, er, we mean music video puts Dubai on the map...even more.


February 19, 2012 1:32 by

Want to make money out of your vacation videos? It’s simple: Become a celebrity and then recycle your vacation footage into music videos or reality show episodes—depending on the showbiz platform of your choice. Voila!

That seems to be exactly what Flo Rida has done in his latest music video, which was reported by 7Days. The video features scenes of him tandem skydiving with SkyDubai, cavorting in the Cavalli Club and singing in front of the Dubai Fountain.

Hey, if Kardashians and the producers of MI:4 did it, then why can’t rappers like Flo Rida?

Not that we are suggesting, of course, that American rapper Flo Rida was paid to feature Dubai in his latest music video. Although, the highly unnecessary 3-second zoom into his Nokia as he tweeted about ‘partying with the Wild Ones” (1:03 of the video below) and the 1-second zoom into his bike’s BMW logo (1:07) are enough for some people to suppose he is not beyond getting paid to endorse products.

Ah, the joys of celebrity endorsement.

Here’s the video for your judging pleasure:

Note to Flo Rida: The crocodiles in Dubai don’t live in the water, they live in high rise apartments or ten-gazillion-room villas and change flashy cars more often than you do.


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