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Forget 2012: The world is ending in a month!

Forget 2012: The world is ending in a month!

Or so warns a right-wing Christian billboard placed on some of Dubai’s busiest roads—just when Kipp thought we had seen it all...

April 11, 2011 3:39 by

Apparently the world is ending in less than a month…How does Kipp feel about it? Well…

We are amused, not because we are the worst kind of sinister cynics (well maybe we are) but more so because we found out about this revelation through a large Christian ad placed in a high traffic area, which is clearly a premium ad space.

If you don’t what we are on about, check out this article on Gulf News that tells the ridiculous-if-not-slightly-disconcerting story of how one American couple chose to advertise their belief that the world is going to end on May 21 (They say this is according to the Bible) on some of the busiest roads in the very (say-what-you-will) Islamic UAE.

The billboards, which the couple admit were softened for their Muslim audience, read “May 21 The great and terrible day, who shall be able to stand” in both English and Arabic.

Marie Sheahan, Media Representative of Family Radio told Gulf News that her husband and herself intended to “warn people about it, regardless of nationality, religion or anything else because this will affect everybody.” Though they found it difficult to get the ad out, they did find Emirates Neon Group (ENG) which agreed to put up the sign.

Of course after complaints were received, the municipality said it is going to remove the contentious ad. But mostly Kipp is surprised that in a country where proselytising is both illegal and punishable by death, such an ad got through the cracks. What could sometimes lead to an oversight to certain limitations otherwise everyone is aware of, Kipp wonders with one eyebrow raised.

But then again, judging by the things that get through on signages in town maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised. Consider the strict warning on the sign board on the Union Cooperative Hypermarket in Ghusais that warns its customers “Please to be informed that it is not Allowed to enter inside the hypermarket Dress with bare bodies” or the Indian dessert shop in Karama that has a big board with the words “SWEAT SHOP” flashing across it in neon lights.

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  1. Ramon on April 12, 2011 1:51 am

    Muslims Reject “May 21, 2011″ Prediction

    Concerning the “May 21, 2011 Judgment Day” message on Dubai billboards that offended many Muslims and was removed, here are some facts that Muslim scholars should widely publish:
    Christians have always believed in the Second Coming of Christ. But in the internet literature of the sponsor of the “May 21″ date-setting (Family Radio Worldwide of California) is found the promotion of a secret coming of Christ, called the “Rapture,” which reportedly happens not only years BEFORE the well-known Second Coming but even BEFORE the “tribulation” period preceding the final Second Coming!
    This secret (“can happen at any moment”) Rapture concept was totally unknown in all official Christian theology books and organized churches before 1830 – the year some unlearned and unbalanced fanatics in Britain claimed to have found it “hidden” in the Bible! (The appeal of this new endtime view was the “assurance” of being raptured off earth BEFORE the horrible events symbolized throughout the book of Revelation.)
    Journalist/historian David MacPherson’s research of 40 years, resulting in eight books and many articles, has uniquely focused on the early development of the same “fly-away” belief, the astounding origin of which was well-known in certain 19th century British evangelical circles and then covered up for a century.
    This escapist event, known theologically as the “any-moment, pre-tribulation rapture doctrine,” is promoted almost exclusively these days by tens of millions of very conservative American evangelicals often labeled as fundamentalists.
    Note that these are the most strongly pro-Israel and anti-Islam (Koran burning) part of American Christianity – and many among them view Islam as a great “scourge” during the Antichrist’s “tribulation” (see “beheaded” in Rev. 20:4)!
    Even though the same conservatives are seen as “infighting fundies,” their ballyhooed Rapture always seems to be the best “glue” uniting them together in victorious voting blocs during elections, not to mention the fact that Rapture promotion is also a superlative fund raiser for political agendas. If you think there aren’t big bucks in selling the same British fantasy, consider the fact that two of the bestselling books of all time were “Rapture” books written by two conservative American evangelicals, namely, Hal Lindsey (35 million sold) and Tim LaHaye (65 million sold).
    The world of Islam could easily cripple – if not demolish – American evangelicalism if it provided Islamic scholars around the world with MacPherson’s bestselling, nonfiction, 300-page book “The Rapture Plot” (available at Armageddon Books and other online stores).
    MacPherson has stated in articles that “dishonesty” (including massive plagiarism and the devious changing of early documents) best describes the bizarre, 181-year-old, British-invented pre-tribulation rapture view (Google “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty” and “Pretrib Rapture Diehards”).

    (above found on the web by me, Ramon)


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