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Friends for hire

Friends for hire

A Japanese company rents out friends, relatives, and bosses. Do you need any?

June 10, 2009 2:21 by

Proof, finally, that money can buy anything. A Japanese company, Office Agents, rents out friends, work colleagues and even relatives to people, reports The Daily Telegraph. For around $207, for example, you can hire a wedding guest, who will even give a speech, sing or dance – if you are willing to shell out extra.

“We’ll attend the wedding as your friend instead of your friend,” said Hiroshi Mizutani, who heads Office Agents. “Suddenly, a guest might not be able to make it. Or maybe you are concerned about the gap in the number of guests you have compared to your partner. Or, there are many temp workers these days and they may be uncomfortable inviting the boss.”

According to Mizutani , the fakers are all “cheery and clean and look like they have regular jobs.”

Do you think this is a good business idea for our region too? Would you be willing to have fake friends at your wedding? Or hire a fake boss or colleagues to hide the fact you’ve been fired?

If the answer is yes, Kipp is available. For a good price too.

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