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Insurance companies in the region are as professional as in other more developed markets
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Do you trust your insurance provider?
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Get off your couch and do something!

Get off your couch and do something!

Starting up a business in the UAE is a difficult, risky and time consuming challenge. Are you up for it?


August 31, 2011 11:10 by

Starting up a business, especially after a recession, is a risky affair. And yet, despite the less than perfect economic weather here in the UAE, the past few months has seen a few rather ingenious business ideas.Take for instance the talent sourcing website that is all set to launch September 12. aims to provide a platform for the UAE’s singers, dancers, models, actors, songwriters, musicians or stylists, aspiring to “broadcast themselves internationally.” Talent pays a fee of Dh100 a month to register on the website which allows them to upload a 3D CV, on which they can upload their music videos and other aspects of their portfolios. Companies sourcing for talent, for their part, pay Dh1,000 a month to post job briefs and also search for talent for their needs. Though, the fees are a little steep, the site, even before its launch, has 9,300 members.

Or how about the rather unique Allinque started up four Emirati who realised there was a real need for low-budget Personal Assistants in the UAE. Allinque has been in business since the start of the year and employs 4 personal assistant who assist clients with a variety of different tasks including holiday booking, car registration and apartment hunting. Sometimes, the team has overseen some rather unusual tasks. Founder Mohammed Kazim says: “We have also done things as extraordinary as finding a lost Dh30,000 watch. “What happened was this person had lost his watch and he remembered four days later and he called in and said that he had just remembered that he lost it four days ago and these are the places I went to.” The personal assistant eventually found the watch it the prayer room that the client had visited.
Not too bad for a new business, wouldn’t you say? Has this motivated you to get off your couch and get started on that ‘big idea’? It’s got Kipp thinking that’s for sure. If indeed you are in the process of setting up a business or are just thinking about it, please do get in touch with Kipp. We are always looking out to hear the story of UAE entrepreneurs trying to make it big here.


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