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Get women off the road

Get women off the road

Those menaces to safety have been on the loose for far too long, thinks Kipp, so ban them. On the other hand, Emirates 24-7 could be full of… rubbish.

January 10, 2011 1:54 by

Even by the UAE’s dubious standards, this one is a corker. We’re not normally in the business of sending you to other websites when we can help it, but this is an exceptional case. If you have a second, visit this article on Emirates 24-7 entitled, “Accidents by women drivers hit 138.”

The piece begins thus:

“Women caused 138 accidents in Dubai last year killing eight people and injuring  212 others, according to Dubai Police Traffic statistics. Of these 17 cases were serious, 50 suffered moderate injuries and 145 escaped with minor damages.”

We can tell that your heckles are up. “But wait,” you think, “it could redeem itself with a balanced look at the statistic for men driving.”

Well yes, it could. But it doesn’t, no sir. No such luck. The article then launches into some detail on how accidents occurred, how many fines were handed out in 2010 and what the stats were on people wearing seatbelts. And that’s it. We wish we were making it up, but we’re not. No information on the total number of accidents, and no information on the number of man-related crashes.

This is a hatchet job on women like we’ve never seen. We’re not sure what our reaction is supposed to be, but presumably something along the lines of: “Hmm, those crazy women. When will they learn that driving a car is simply beyond them?”

Provoked from our usual torpor, we did a little digging. (Only a little, you understand.) The Dubai Statistics Centre doesn’t publish figures for 2010 yet, but in case you’re interested, in 2009, those pesky women folk caused a massive 308 accidents. Men, on the other hand, caused a mere 3,039. That’s barely noticeable 10 times as many. And we couldn’t find exactly where Emirates 24-7 got their women’s figure, but on the Dubai Police website the latest stats put women’s accidents at 165, and men’s at 1,634. Again, an insignificant 10 times as many. (Incidentally, why don’t the Dubai Police and Dubai Statistics Centre figures match up? Or even come close to matching?)

The blatant manipulation of this figure for an anti-women piece like this is shocking. Genuinely, we don’t even know what to say about it. Perhaps there are men who would like to see women’s driving restricted – if that’s the case you’ll have to do better than a safety argument. After all, it’s not as if Saudi Arabian roads are famed for their lack of accidents, is it?

Kipp shouldn’t lose its temper with such rubbish. You know what we would like to see? Some total honesty. Watch out for the next headline: “Almost everyone on the roads in this country is a terrible, terrible driver, and any time you go out there and survive you’ve been lucky.”

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  1. Arshia on January 10, 2011 2:35 pm

    I Totally Agree with Kipp.

    There are terrible drivers and offenders on roads of Dubai irrespective to their Gender Specification. By posting such incomplete statistics,The news Writer proved nothing but a Biased Personality of One’s Own.

    Certainly an Ignoble Act.

  2. SR on January 11, 2011 5:44 am

    Thanx Kipp for clearing our name.

  3. Ofiroz on January 11, 2011 10:04 am

    I can’t agree with Kipp here!
    Men drivers are more than women drivers in the country, check in Belhasa or Emirates driving schools if you have a doubt in my claim. Obviously when there are more men drivers out there they’ve got more chances to make accidents or cause accidents. Let me make it more clear, western pop star Madonna attracts less crowd than an Indian celebrity here in this part of the world. Because Indians are more here, that doesn’t mean Madonna is not popular!
    Yesterday when I was coming from Karama I witnessed a small incident, a lady parked her car in a bus stop and opened the door on to a poor grocery guy on a bicycle, the guy fell on the road and got up immediately collecting his scattered delivery stuffs, women started shouting at the guy ” don’t you have eyes! Why can’t you ride the bicycle carefully” etc. I could hear her voice long way down the road as I was driving. But more shocking is that poor guy apparently agreed it is his mistake and just shaking his head in taking all the blame!

  4. LX on January 11, 2011 11:25 am

    I read this article yeserday and thought the exact same thing.

  5. Andrew on January 11, 2011 3:28 pm

    67% of statistics are made up on the spot anyway.


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