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Happy days for the heir of licence plates

Happy days for the heir of licence plates

We can just about wrap our minds around the thought of coughing up thousands, if not millions, of Dirhams for a “cool” number plate like 333. But obsessively collecting the same number plate in different plate number categories just seems downright silly.

September 18, 2011 4:18 by

“Each to their own” is a phrase Kipp is familiar with all too well. Being as opinionated and self centered as we are, you can’t imagine just how many times we got slapped with that very phrase when we voiced what we always think are rather insightful thoughts on certain “sensitive” matters. And today when we read another article about the licence plate number auctions at Emirates Palace, we had to stop ourselves from cringing, because we knew that no matter what objections we’d raise there would always be the old ‘adage to keep us in check…”Each to their own.”

But, people do have their limits. After all, some might find it hard to wrap their minds around the thought of coughing up thousands, if not millions, of Dirhams for a “cool” number plate like 333. After all, some people may see this as merely a show of wealth, a waste of money and just downright silly.

Before the rest of you retaliate, yes, we commend the various Police Headquarters that have organised these events for charity. It’s a great way to convert such vanity projects into a facility to help care for people who can’t even afford to put food on the table. But for some there is a line that needs to be drawn at exhorbitant way in which money is being in spent for these metal plates.

Take for instance a businessman, who on his first day of university received a new car from his father with the licence plate number 1110. Since then he has been making the rounds at various licence plate number auctions scouting out the various other 1110 number plates out there. Last week he was at the Emirates Palace hotel auction where he shelled out no less than Dh120,000 for the latest Abu Dhabi police licence plate number 1110 for Dh120,000.

“I have been coming for three years now, that number has become my lucky number now. I have all of them, 1110 category 4 – that’s the one I got from my dad – 1110 category 5, 1110 category 6. I don’t want to bid for any other number. It is the same number as my PO box, same as my mobile number, it is everything” he unabashedly boasts to The National. But whatever is he going to do with all those number plates? Pass them on to his brood, but of course: “They don’t need to go to auctions, I already got their plate numbers.”

Yes, we know, each to their own, but, a family dynasty of number plates… seriously?

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  1. MK on September 19, 2011 11:27 am

    loser with a capital L!!!


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