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Happy Hour in the sky

Happy Hour in the sky

Jazeera Airways launched a daily Happy Hour

April 6, 2009 4:05 by

Jazeera Airways has launched a ‘Happy Hour’, a one hour window when passengers can book tickets for KD3 or AED37 (excluding tax, which is exorbitant in this part of the world). Happy hour is from 1pm-2pm Kuwait time, and lasts for 365 days.

It’s moments like this that Kipp sits back and thanks the financial crisis for its hard work. It took a lot of effort and guts to bring the region’s big boys to their knees and give the average, underpaid, high-strung layman (aka Kipp’s team) a break. For that along the crisis deserves a big hug.

Now, if it can extend our vacation days and quit giving employers across the world reasons for not increasing salaries, then we’re sorted.

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