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Have you ever won AED1 million?

Have you ever won AED1 million?

Probably not. And a six month old baby just beat you to it.

May 31, 2009 1:32 by

The Dubai Mall, which was running a month long festival, has just announced that Munir Majed Ed-Din Qalaa, a six-month-old, is the grand winner in the draw for AED1 million. Somebody else won a Bentley Continental Flying Spur, and another won AED10,000.

Draws and raffles are almost synonymous with Dubai; whether it’s the airport, or the Dubai Summer Surprises or the Dubai Shopping Festival, or some mall promotion, they’re just everywhere. They’re marketing tools that even property developers were using in the good old days when speculators were still investing in Dubai.

But do these grand offers actually make people buy more? When you put your name into that draw, do you actually believe that you will win?

Whatever the case, we are jealous of winners. Even a six month old baby, who just became a millionaire.

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