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Headline this!

Headline this!

Headlines aren’t what they used to be

March 9, 2009 2:44 by

We read hundreds of headlines per day. Most of them don’t stand out. But from the handful that do, only a few stand out for the right reasons. The rest catch our attention because they’re funny. Here’s one of them:

Thieves knock out man’s teeth,” courtesy of Gulf News. According to the report, the Dubai Court of Appeal upheld the primary verdict of five years in jail followed by deportation of three men who attacked and robbed a man. They knocked the victim’s teeth out and stole AED270,000 from him.

They also sprayed him with pepper spray.

So what’s going on with the headline? Is the fact that the victim’s teeth got knocked out the most important part of the story? His teeth? Not the money? Or the fact that the Dubai Court of Appeal upheld the first verdict?


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