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Hollywood’s Digital Death – Who Cares?

Hollywood’s Digital Death – Who Cares?

As Hollywood stars threaten permanent digital suicide (unless they raise a million dollars), Kipp wonders: Who really cares? And why don’t you use some of your own cash?

December 1, 2010 4:58 by

Kipp recently got an email from a colleague with a link to a youtube video, coupled with the following quote in the body of her email:

“On December 1st, Hollywood dies a digital death. The world’s top celebrity tweeters are sacrificing their digital lives to give real life to millions of people affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. Watch their full last tweet and testaments and buy their digital lives back at”

Ridiculous, Kipp thought. Sure, we unfortunately live in a celebrity obsessed culture, but really, just how arrogant can Hollywood get?

And then we watched the video.

And then, we watched the video.

A dramatic fade from black, as pictures of celebrities dressed in suits lying in coffins with their name “IS DEAD” underneath each image. Alisha Keys, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Seacrest, Kim Kardishan are just some of the many “celebs”, who then continue to introduce themselves as solemn techno music plays in the background.

And then:


They soon chip in: “This is my last tweet and testament,” “Consider this a eulogy from @Usherraymondiv,” [email protected] is officially dead.”

“I have sacrificed my digital life to help give real life to millions of people affected by HIV and AIDS in Africa and India.”

No more tweets, status updates, and any other pearls of wisdom from these over-paid celebs, until they raise “some serious cash to fight this awful disease.”

Kipp finds itself speechless because we don’t really know where to begin.

Lets start with our first reaction: Are we really being baited like little children into donating? And, is the world of celebs really arrogant enough to really think their digital death can induce any other reaction in us apart from a shrug?

You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, they say – and in this case it couldn’t be more true. Kipp got onto Kim Kardashian’s twitter page and we bring to you, verbatim, some of the pearls of wisdom that are now denied us:

I’m soooo sleepy I just need a 7min nap
I’m proud of myself today…I ate so healthy!
I’m dedicating this day to all my friends! Love you guys! I seriously have the best friends in the entire world!!!!

Wow. How will we make it through the next days without knowing whether or not Kim ate healthy–and if she didn’t, how did it make her feel?

On the other hand, a million dollars is, to put it in the words of one of Kipp’s friends, “pocketchange” for these celebs. Let’s take Kim for instance, she apparently splurged a healthy $100,000 on hand bags alone during a single shopping spree. One tenth of what they’re trying to raise. On bags.

Stunts like these really annoy us: in fact, makes us not want to donate to the particular cause. We’re all for donating to charity, and this is a great cause, but frankly we’d be more inclined to donate if it meant them never tweeting again. Or they could match us dollar for dollar.

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  1. metronomic on December 1, 2010 6:19 pm

    To say “Let them spend their own money” is not only missing the point but completely cold and smacks of a lower intelligence. These celebrities do donate millions of dollars to AIDS research but it’s not enough. We need “Regular people” to donate what they can as well. Why don’t YOU donate some money and stop bitching. Dumb ass.


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