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Hooray for footbridges!

Hooray for footbridges!

Having lamented, in much detail, about the awful terror of being a pedestrian, Kipp is glad to hear about the plans to construct footbridges all across Dubai.

February 5, 2012 5:00 by

Did you just read: horray for footbridges? Well, though you may be unimpressed by this new development (chances are you drive a fuel guzzling SUV) Kipp is thoroughly amazed by the news. What news, you ask? Well, the RTA has announced a lot of road crossings to be up and running with in the next four years.

Emirates road will get two over head crossings, one at the labour camps and the other will be close to Al Aweer vegetable market. According to a study by the RTA titled The Pedestrian Safety and Mobility Action Plan for Dubai, a total of “30 pedestrian bridges, 62 pedestrian-controlled traffic light, or pelican, crossings and 148 zebra crossings” were recommended.

Considering the status of some of the RTA’s projects, Kipp isn’t too positive about the implementation of the plans-but for now we shall keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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