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How motivated are you?

How motivated are you?

A recent survey has found that employees in the GCC are more motivated than those in places like China and the UK.

April 16, 2009 4:52 by

According to WorkTrends, an annual survey by workforce development company Kenexa, employees in the GCC have “strong employee engagement.” In other words, they are highly motivated. The average employee engagement index score for employees in the GCC was 56 percent; higher than their counterparts in Germany, Spain, China, the UK, France, Italy and Japan (but lower than employees in India, Brazil, Canada, and the US).

Apparently, “confidence in the organization’s future and job safety” are the top-ranked drivers for employees in the region.

Yeah, right. With thousands of people having been laid-off in Dubai alone thanks to the global economic turmoil, many more could yet face the axe. Companies, from construction-related firms to magazines publishers, have been wound down.

So what exactly is motivating employees here? What motivates you to go to work everyday?

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