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How rude…

How rude…

…can some people get? Kipp’s apalled by the callous insensitivity displayed towards the country’s poor.

May 29, 2011 4:00 by

If there is one thing Kipp dislikes, it is being so forcefully “PC”. Now we understand the motivation behind the move towards political correctness, but in recent times we are sure many will agree liberals have been spending far too much time deciding what is and isn’t offensive to say.

Take for instance, the term “crippled” which was later changed to “handicapped.” A short while later, “handicapped” was considered not “PC”, and it was then changed to “disabled”, shortly after it was “differently abled” and then there is always “physically challenged.” And while Kipp thinks a certain amount of sensitivity is in order when discussing certain issues, proponents of political correctness have really gone overboard.
We’re not the most PC people ourselves, but surely there must be something severely wrong with the following statement for it to cross our un-PC radar:

“Ahmed Ali al Ketbi, an Emirati resident of Al Majjaz, said he had seen several people rummaging through his neighbourhood bins and thought it was offensive to the country.

“It all gives a false impression that there are many poor people here struggling to live, which is not true,” Mr al Ketbi said. “If you are a legal resident of this country, you must have a job and all those scavenging in dustbins must be illegals.”

Kipp doesn’t even know where to begin–should we start off with the blatant ignorance, the callous insensitivity or the faulty logic? Then again could we expect anything better in a story about Sharjah’s attempts to ban waste collectors? Haven’t read the article? Have a look here and let us know what you think.

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