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How was the ash cloud for you?

How was the ash cloud for you?

The majority of Kipp readers say Middle East airlines dealt with the Icelandic volcano crisis in an effective manner.

May 3, 2010 4:40 by

A volcanic eruption in a remote corner of Iceland left millions stranded, tallied billions in corporate losses, and put a six-day freeze on air travel to and from Europe.

In their diary series recounting the experiences of marooned travelers around the world, the BBC published accounts of exhausted and exasperated passengers from all walks of life. The sentiments expressed were as diverse as their personal experiences.

Many of the stranded were impressed and upbeat about airlines’ response to the crisis, but others were far less enthusiastic, using descriptors such as ‘ridiculous’, ‘hellish’, ‘stupidity’…

Kipp readers had plenty to add to the commentary on this global experience. Last week, we asked readers to rate the Middle East airlines’ responses to the ‘ash cloud’ travel ban.

Overwhelmingly, Kipp readers were satisfied with regional carriers’ responses to the crisis, with 83 percent of poll respondents saying that they dealt with the crisis effectively:

– Nearly 28 percent of Kipp readers described the response of regional airlines as “excellent, with compensation offered to passengers exceeding expectations.”

– More than half of you, 55 percent, gave the airlines an average grade, rating the overall response as “OK”, saying that carriers did their best given the circumstances.

The remaining 17 percent of respondents, however, were disappointed with the performance of regional carriers during the disruption:

– Thirteen percent of Kipp readers believed communication with passengers was not effective during the crisis, and rated regional carriers as “poor” in their handling of the situation.

– The remaining five percent of Kipp’s readers condemning regional airlines’ responses as “terrible, having done little to help stranded customers.”

Were you stranded in Europe because of the ash cloud? Do you agree with the poll results? Have your say by submitting a comment below.

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