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I’m aware, but I don’t care

I’m aware, but I don’t care

According to a Dubai Municipality survey, 61 percent of residents are ‘environmentally aware’. But less than a quarter are actually doing something about it.

January 28, 2010 3:12 by

A recent survey carried out by the Dubai Municipality found that the average environmental awareness among residents is 61 percent. Sarah al-Sayegh, head of Environmental Awareness Section in the Municipality, says that this is a good result, at least in comparison with “one of the other emirates” (she didn’t say which).

Great news, except that the study also found that the rate of participation in environmental activities ranges from 9 percent to 23 percent.

So basically, the study shows most of us in Dubai are iceberg-melters and future tree-killers-and that we know we’re doing it. And why is that good news?

Kipp is not sure.

Meanwhile, the study also found that the average environmental awareness among females was 64 percent, higher than the 59 percent among males. High-five, ladies.

As an aside, deciphering the Dubai Municipality’s press release was quite a Herculean task. You will understand why when you read the extract below. And if you do manage to reach the end of it, and identify with it, do explain it to us.

“The study has also seen many of the proposals submitted for the development and improvement of environmental issues and access to the best levels of spreading the environmental campaigns through various media, and making the community aware about the fines when they cause environmental pollution, and community awareness of the importance of the environment and the risks of environmental pollution and provide simple health awareness campaigns targeted to all segments of society and start a program by recycling waste to reduce pollution and educate school and university students through their activities and environmental camps.”

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