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Is bad PR good?

Is bad PR good?

The Atlantis hotel is increasingly featured in local media, though mostly for all the wrong reasons.

October 8, 2008 5:51 by

Atlantis PR can’t be too happy. While the luxury resort has been steadily appearing in the local media, it’s not exactly been a stream of positive feedback. Today, Gulf News is running a story to save Sammy the Shark, who has currently made Atlantis his home after being rescued by the hotel. (A Facebook campaign has also been started to Save Sammy)

Yesterday the paper wrote about how only guests get fed at the hotel. And few days back, The National had written about how the hotel had a nightmarish first week.

Kipp had also given its verdict on the hotel, and though it was not as critical as The Sun, we did say that the resort has to be cautious.

Have you been to the Atlantis? What is your story?

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