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Is that cat’s pee?

Is that cat’s pee?

Yes it is. Take a whiff.

May 11, 2009 2:57 by

After spending six years and AUD12 million (AED33.6 million) researching the distinctive smell of New Zealand’s wine, researchers have found that Kiwi wines smell of sweet, sweaty passion fruit, asparagus, and cat’s pee.

Wines from Wairarapa, near the capital of Wellington, had the strongest smell of cat’s pee, reports

Kipp’s knowledge of wines is abysmal. The only characteristic we can discern with any certainty is if a wine is red or white. That’s it.

And we won’t pretend to understand wealthy people’s tastes; most luxury items mean little us (unless they’re edible; in which case we’ll be happy to consume it, but we don’t necessarily know anything about it).

But we draw the line at pee. We might not know what we’re missing, but there’s something about gurgling urine smelling liquid that doesn’t appeal to Kipp. It would’ve been bad if the urine were our own, but a cat’s pee…come on. Where is luxury headed? What’s wrong with the rich? Why can’t you like normal things, like potatoes?

Finally, we’d like to thank the researchers on this study for giving us a reason to use the word ‘pee’ repeatedly.

Thank you.

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