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Is this the end?

Is this the end?

Birds falling from the sky, extreme weather events, earthquakes: Is the end nigh?

January 5, 2011 5:31 by

It’s a weird week, and no mistake. Firstly, a flock of blackbirds drops from the sky in the US. According to reports, some 5,000 birds apparently just dropped dead in Arkansas earlier this week.

Then, more than 80,000 drum fish suddenly died in the Arkansas river about one hundred miles away from the birds. And now hundreds more birds have dropped dead in Louisiana, all with no apparent explanation.

Kipp is officially worried. Combine these mysterious dead animals with the unpredictable global weather patterns of the last few months (and we’re talking about weather beyond Al Ain, before you UAE scientists start going on about your weather machine) and the number of earthquakes occurring left right and center, and it all adds up to just one thing: Apocalypse!

[Funnily enough, on one news report Kipp caught a professional journalist actually describing the animal deaths as “animalpocalypse.” We wouldn’t have minded if it was some pesky little regional station, but it was in fact the BBC. Not good.]

It’s a bit like that film set in 2012, where a bunch of Mayans predicted thousands of years ago that the world would end in 2012. In the film, in 2012 all kinds of crazy stuff starts to happen, and half the world’s population is wiped out because it turns out the Mayans were right about 2012. Kipp thinks the film was called Mother Nature: The Revenge. [That joke used with apologies to the Simpsons. Yes we know, they did it better than us.] The good news is its only 2011, so maybe we have some time on our side.

Are you worried it’s the end of life as we know it? If so what will your final act be? (Aside from reading Kipp, of course.)

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