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Is UAE life making you sick?

Is UAE life making you sick?

Recent stats suggest we’re all falling apart at the seams. Could it be that along with tax free salaries, a life here means insomnia and mental health issues?

October 3, 2010 4:14 by

Living in the Gulf sure has its benefits. In spite of the slowdown in the economy, there are still a significant number of people packing their bags hoping to live the dream of being an expat in Dubai. And why not? The incentives are abundant: no tax, generally good salaries, mostly modern infrastructure and the tallest, biggest, flashiest and (other superlatives) of, well… everything. Every resident’s made this argument at least once, but, the opportunity to live healthily is probably the one claim you’ve never made about life here.

And let’s face it, when you spend most of your day in front a computer screen in an air conditioned room at work and a TV screen in an air conditioned flat, pausing only to shuttle between the two places and (if you’re feeling indulgent) the mall, your body’s well being is probably taking a back seat to your wonderful expat life.

This week two of the UAE’s newspapers report alarming statistics on the well being of the country’s residents.

Emirates 24/7 reported that one among every five UAE residents suffers from some sort of mental and psychological issue. The culprit? A combination of the usual suspects: “work pressure, pattern of life and a general lack of [a] holistic lifestyle” according to Dr.Layla Abdulwahab Asamarai.

And a recent health and fitness study which covered over 750 people in the UAE found that 68 percent of those surveyed do not get proper sleep at night because they spend their bed time surfing social networks, watching TV or spending late nights out.

Maybe the stress of living in the Gulf really catching up with us; what do you think? Do we have something real to worry about, or are these the same problems you’d face in every city? Kipp wants to know if any of our readers have suffered from a lack of sleep, mental problems, or psychological issues. If so, what are you doing to mitigate it?

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  1. Peace. on October 4, 2010 6:18 am

    One cannot reach the conclusion that the UAE is making us sick from the fitness study as this is a world wide phenomena with people surfing the web, social pages like facebook and generally wasting away time being consumed with excessive media and technology. I do think however that what may contribute to high levels of psychological problems in the UAE is the lack if a welfare state. Not implying social security here but just generally knowing that there are bodies and institutions looking out for peoples welfare. For example, are there sufficient quality hospitals to rely on if our families are sick? Do we feel safe on the roads? Can we get our affairs done smoothly & efficiently with govt. institutions? Can we enroll our kids is the schools of our choice? Is there a benchmark for best practice employers who treat their employees with care and respect? such things in my opinion contribute to the wellbeing of people in society. Today’s world is complex and work increasingly busy, the UAE is like any other nation in that regards but it can set itself apart in many of some other things. Wa salaam.


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