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Is your company hiring?

Is your company hiring?

The majority of Middle East employers are looking to recruit staff over the next quarter, according to a new survey.

February 14, 2010 11:29 by

Things are looking up in the Middle East employment market.  A survey by jobs website and YouGov Siraj has found that companies are now more likely to be actively recruiting staff, compared with last quarter of 2009.

According to the research, 56 percent of the region’s employers plan to recruit over the next three months, compared to 52 percent when the previous survey was conducted in late 2009.

In the UAE, 24 percent of the respondents said that their organizations would definitely be hiring over the next three months, and another 26 percent said they would probably be hiring – indicating a slight pickup in confidence on the previous survey, when a total of 48 percent said they would definitely or probably be hiring.

But while Middle East companies are now more likely to be recruiting, you have to ask what level of expertise they are looking for, and at what price? For the survey does not delve into the kind of salaries being offered, or the level of expertise being sought. Anecdotal evidence suggests that companies are seeking less experienced staff, for cheaper. And Kipp certainly doesn’t know anyone who is expecting a pay rise anytime soon…

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