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Jobs we should have chosen #1: Personal trainer

Jobs we should have chosen #1: Personal trainer

Every now and then we see something that prompts us to re-evaluate our career choices. Today, it’s a very regal personal trainer.

June 21, 2010 5:25 by

It’s always been clear to Kipp that school careers advisers don’t have a clue. At our school you waited outside the careers office to be called in, told them what you wanted to do, they told you it wouldn’t happen, and that really had we considered accountancy? And then you were done.

Well, we know now that the careers adviser let us down. Not once in our meetings did he suggest personal trainer. If we’d have known that choosing to be a personal trainer could lead to marrying into a royal family, we’d probably have given it more serious consideration.

We’ll admit, Daniel Westling probably didn’t know when he set out to become a personal trainer that he’d wind up a prince, married to Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden (a former client), but it’s just another perk to what looks like a pretty good deal to Kipp.

Let’s look at the pros and cons. Pros: plenty of exercise, meeting people, healthy lifestyle, days spent ambling around in tracksuit and trainers, free use of the gym, marriage to a princess. Might even get to use a whistle. Cons: none we can think of at all.

That careers adviser has a lot to answer for. Kipp is reminded of one episode at school when, after taking an aptitude test, we got our results back. We had such low interest levels in every area that the company providing the test had assumed that the machine had gone wrong, and had added a note offering to re-assess it. Kipp didn’t bother, knowing a second test wouldn’t help. We asked a teacher what we should do with our lives, and the response was genius.

“Become a careers adviser,” she said. “Anyone can do that.”

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