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Jobs we should have chosen #3: Oligarch’s wife

Jobs we should have chosen #3: Oligarch’s wife

A Russian mining magnate is staring down the barrel of the most expensive divorce in history. Kipp wouldn’t mind being his wife right about now.


July 5, 2010 2:58 by

A Russian mining magnate is staring down the barrel of the most expensive divorce in history, reports Gulf News.

Dmitry Rybolovlev, aged 43, is Russia’s 10th richest man, which is probably a nice thing to be (coming soon: Jobs we should have chosen: mining magnate). Except he has become embroiled in a bitter dispute with his wife of 23 years (and mother of his two children), which could cost him almost $5.8 billion.

Elena Rybolovlev has accused the oligarch of serial infidelities and has filed for divorce with the courts, and at the same time demanded the mega sum. Kipp presumes she must have sat down with the calculator and thought, “Now, how much do I need to live in reasonable comfort for the rest of my days? Let’s see. Food, housing, car (taps into the calculator)… disposable income (tap, tap)… kids clothing (tap, tap)… a little extra for birthday presents (tap, tap tap)… plus a holiday once a year… comes to (tap)… 5.8 billion dollars.”

Or perhaps she’s looking at it as back payment for her years as a spouse? Five point eight billion dollars, for 23 years of marriage, works out at $4.85 million a week, according to Kipp’s dodgy mathematics. The question must be, is there any more lucrative job on this planet?

If Kipp was a human female person and not an androgynous website, we’d be where the Russian super rich are, angling for a wedding ring. Sure, the infidelities and eventual acrimonious break up would be rough, but we reckon the $100 million super yacht and Florida Palm beach mansion might help make it bearable.


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