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Jobs we should have chosen #4: Primary school teacher

Jobs we should have chosen #4: Primary school teacher

An apple for the teacher. And 400,000 bucks. If we’d have known it paid this much, we’d have gone straight back to school after graduation.

July 14, 2010 1:21 by

Newspapers in the UK are reporting widespread shock after the salary of a London primary school teacher was revealed.

Once upon a time the shock would probably have been over the meager income awarded the people guiding the youngest generation through their formative years, but not anymore. Mark Elms, who runs a primary school in south London, last year earned 276,000 pounds. That’s $413,877, by today’s exchange rate. That’s almost double the British Prime Minister’s $220,500 per year.

Double. The Prime Minister’s salary. For running a school with 420 pupils. Yet again, Kipp’s careers adviser has some explaining to do.

We have some sympathy for Elms, though. His name and face has been plastered over every newspaper in the land. It’s not his fault that was his salary last year, and he doesn’t deserve to be publicly decried. How many of us would appreciate having our salary revealed to absolutely everyone? Besides, who are we to say he isn’t worth the money? The parents of children at his school certainly seem to think so, and surely ensuring excellence in education is worth any price?

Kipp thinks much of the outcry could be down to jealously; after all, we’re not the only ones who would switch careers with Mr Elms in an instant. The trouble is, we would certainly give it a go, but we’re unlikely to be half as good as he must be. All the same, it’s a nice thought; we wonder if David Cameron is reviewing his career choices right now.

Yet another job we all should have considered. Altogether now folks: a big sigh, slump the shoulders, and go back to the day job.

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