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Keep walking

Keep walking

So says a research report by Dubai-based property developer, Limitless. What’s the connection between the company and the research topic? We are not sure.

August 23, 2009 12:54 by

Dubai residents are only walking half as much as they should to maintain a healthy lifestyle, said a press release we received from real estate developer, Limitless.

The fact that Dubai residents don’t walk is common knowledge, and the fact that on an average, people in the emirate take around 5,506 steps a day instead of the recommended 10,000, is interesting news.

“Physical inactivity can cost economies billions of dollars, as it places enormous strain on health services and lost working days through sick leave,” said Saeed Ahmed Saeed, CEO of Limitless in the release. “Walkable communities with carefully planned infrastructure contribute to a more sustainable society by boosting the economy, improving social lives and reducing harmful emission from cars.”

It all sounds good and true. But why exactly is a real estate developer doing such a study? In what way are healthy pedestrians connected to buying buildings in Dubai?

Considering the countless number of real estate reports coming out in the city, was Limitless merely looking for a different kind of media coverage? “Since health is hot right now, let’s just do a study on walking.” Is this what they were thinking?

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