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Late to the party

Late to the party

As Dubai Cola gets ready to hit the shelves, Kipp wonders if fizzy colas are a bit old fashioned. Couldn’t we have gone for something a bit more hip?

March 3, 2011 3:26 by

Fashion: Kipp hardly thinks about it. As they say there are two kinds of people in the world, those who lead and those who follow, and Kipp nonchalantly considers itself to be in the former group.

But we did find ourselves thinking about fashion this morning when we read an article that we’ll get to in a bit. Things, Kipp was thinking, that are in fashion – and that go out of fashion – are not limited to clothes and haircuts. The rules of fashion also apply to other things, like language, leisure activities and beverages.

Beverages? Yep. Beverages. You may wonder what in the world Kipp is on about (or rather which beverage we’ve started on this afternoon) but it is true: the kind of things people have enjoyed drinking and been seen drinking have changed over the years.

Take, for instance, fizzy drinks like Coca Cola and Pepsi. If Kipp isn’t being too sickeningly nostalgic for you, you will probably agree that there was a time when drinking a fizzy drink was en vogue. For no obvious reason Kipp remembers a romantic scene from coming-of-age-film Reality Bites where two characters sit on the back a car drinking a Big Gulp (a liter of a fizzy drink of your choice [sounds disgusting if you ask Kipp]). Could there be a more romantic way of getting to know your girlfriend than with some conversation and a Big Gulp?

But times have changed, and the youth no longer while away their hours in fast food joints. It’s more likely to be wasted in cafes and coffee house, where they get to know their girlfriends over cafe lattes and frappuccinos. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to see someone walk into work clutching a take-away cardboard coffee cup from the local coffee house, where once it would have been a coke. Even if you did fancy a can of something, you’re surely more likely to opt for an energy drink of some kind (which Kipp has recently become rather fond of and blames for the odd uncontrollable twitching on the left side of our face). Or even flavoured sparkling waters.

Why are we telling you all of this? Because we just read an article in The National this morning about a new fizzy drink set to hit the shelves in three to four months. The fizzy drink is called, drum roll please, “Dubai Cola” and went into production about six months ago in Austria (of course – where else did you expect Dubai Cola to be produced?). The drink, which will taste like dates and honey, will come in a white can with a gold lid and tab, and gold Arabic calligraphy. Dubai Cola, of course, comes roughly nine years after the launch of Mecca Cola – a carbonated beverage alternative for Muslims who do not want to consume a US-owned product.

But surely this is coming to the market nearly a decade after drinking cola has gone out of fashion? Wouldn’t the producers be better off creating a middle-eastern sparkling water of some kind, or an energy drink?

Ah now that would be good. They could call it “United Arab Energy”, or something. Or “Power Camel”. Now that would be cool.

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