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Let’s sing and dance

Let’s sing and dance

It seems like the UAE has become a hot destination for international music performers in the recent times. But why?

January 5, 2009 3:18 by

It’s the season of musical performances in the country. Shakira just shook Abu Dhabi, and now Fatboy Slim is going to “spin Dubai” during the upcoming shopping festival.

With news of the global financial crisis and the drying liquidity in the market filling up media reports, it does seem slightly absurd to see the region pulling in these expensive performers. It does imply that there are people in the region who are still willing to shell out money for some entertainment, and are not yet tightening finances.

It also means that many jobs are still secure, that many lives are going on as usual, and that it is not all “doom and gloom.” Right?

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  1. hiro bachani on January 7, 2009 12:05 am

    Our friend is rightly aghast at seeing such expensive singers passing through dubai- but let us face it- dubai is still moving on okay- the world-wide crisis has taken a bite, but small and medium enterprises like ours have kept ourselves under the radar- so we are doing okay, as yet- touchwood- . Maybe the trick is to avoid too much of overheads– we are slim, and hungry- our Merlin products like hdd media players, home theatres, mp3/mp4 players, watch cameras etc are selling well- regards- hiro bachani- mg. director-


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