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Look at me, I’m a thief

A man in Dubai has been charged with stealing money from a hospital after he walked towards a surveillance camera and “repositioned it” so that he wouldn’t be caught.

December 7, 2009 3:49 by

A Dubai court charged a 33-year-old Filipino porter with stealing AED3,765 from a charity box at the American Hospital, reports Gulf News. A witness testified: “A guardsman informed me that the charity funds’ collector complained that a charity box was missing… the surveillance camera footage showed the Filipino stealing the box which was kept at the reception.”

The suspect also reportedly repositioned the surveillance camera in the hospital away from the charity box, and then smuggled the box out in a clothes carriage.

The report says that the surveillance camera footage also “showed the porter walking towards the camera and repositioning it,” and was “shown pushing the carriage outside the hospital.”

While the suspect has apparently confessed to the robbery, it amazes us when thieves are so brazen. Why would a robber walk towards a camera, and then reposition it so that it doesn’t catch him stealing? If he thought so much about not getting caught on camera while stealing, did it not strike him at all that repositioning the camera would give him away?

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