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Make way! The most expensive caviar tray is coming to the UAE

But of course, where else would you expect such extravagance on wheels except in the land of superlatives?

July 4, 2011 2:22 by

When we heard the world’s most expensive car was being made, we were quite certain it would have something to do with the UAE. And, we never get tired of being right. According to The National, Bugatti is making the most expensive custom-made car for an unnamed UAE businessman. Said businessman prefers anonymity (yesm because driving in a flashy car just screams discreet and anonymous, doesn’t it?). Anyway, what we can tell you for sure is that he owns at least 800 other cars (venture any guesses?).

(image from AFP)

So what is so special about the Bugatti L’Or Blanc? Well, for one thing Bugatti has teamed up with porcelain maker KPM so that the car has “a white exterior with royal blue lines and has also been fitted with porcelain wheel badges, fuel caps and oil caps.” The Dh8.8 million-car even comes along with all the fancy trimmings, including a porcelain caviar tray.

Wait, what? A porcelain caviar tray? Seriously? What need would anyone ever have for a caviar tray (let alone, a porcelain one), in a car made by a company known for creating some of the fastest cars in the world?

Anyway, if we had a couple of million dirhams to throw around on a fancy car, we’d probably spring for a gold plated 720-horse power engine that would get us from 0 to 60 kph in a second and even go as fast as 300kph if we fancied. Or how about a 7-litre engine in a car that weighs no more than 350 kilograms? Oh there would so many things we’d wish in our ideal car…but a porcelain tray definitely wouldn’t be one of them…

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