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Mambo No 7

Mambo No 7

WEF says the UAE is the 7th most efficient in terms of government spending. Governance and efficiency…who would have thought these two words would be said in the same breath?

March 29, 2011 1:47 by

Forgive Kipp, if we’re a little slow to catch on but we’re still reeling from the mushrooming skyscrapers and plans for amusement and retail developments across the country most of which have all but come to a halt. But we are close to learning the sways of constantly changing roads and signage, and the general malleability, well, of a lot of things in this 40-year-young country.

We still can’t shake the ringing in our ears from one of our colleagues who launched into a massive tirade about how efficiency rankings should also include a criteria on the sustainability of project investments and generally how much resources are being  used, unnecessarily or otherwise (They make sure to use leaving lighting and air conditioning on in uninhabited buildings and highways on a regular basis as an example.). They also point out the increasing gap in salary brackets across its multicultural residents, which eventually constitutes to millions in spend across the private and public sector.

But before our colleague goes on and on, Kipp will be the first to point out that when it comes to spending efficiency and governance, there are some very corrupt governments around the world shamelessly siphoning off large sums of their own people’s cash and the UAE is certainly far, far from that.

So as Lou Bega says, jump up and down, and move it all around, shake your head to the sound and put your hands to the ground…it’s mambo time.

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  1. Ahmed on March 29, 2011 5:37 pm

    most pathetic comment… try to get some good stuff… horrible!

  2. Andrew on April 1, 2011 8:36 am

    Just means there’s not much wastage lost in the system, doesn’t means there’s not huge amounts wasted elsewhere.


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