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Mind your language

Mind your language

Rotana's new hotel is designed for optimal snooping and play, or so they say

October 15, 2008 2:37 by

During his research for today’s Brand to Brand article, my colleague came across a press release for the new Rotana hotel in Dubai (Arjaan Dubai Media City). Aside from the usual spiel about how great the hotel is and what a wonderful addition it is to Dubai’s vast hotel scene, the press release makes the following statement:

“Designed with arcs, domes and cupolas, Arjaan complex is laid out in a geometric pattern that engages snooping, fantasy and play.”

I’ll let play slide. But snooping? Fantasy? I’m used to reading press releases with typos and terrible sentence structures, and frankly it doesn’t matter to me so long as I get the message, but I doubt Rotana Hotels wants journalists to think it designed a whole hotel to bring out your inner pervert.

I could be wrong. Maybe Arjaan really is a new hotel concept in Dubai, and architects toiled for years designing the perfect structure to encourage ‘snooping’ and ‘fantasies’. 

I doubt it.

Why do companies pay exorbitant amounts on building flash hotels and malls, but don’t ensure their press releases are decent?

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  1. Rania Abdallh on February 8, 2009 6:20 pm

    When I read your comment before I agreed with your point of view regarding the choiceof words but actually after I have visited Arjaan last week I have understood why they may have used “snoopy and fantasy� in their press release. The Arabic style is really fantastic and attracts all who see it.
    It seems that they have taken this word to simply imply the majestic and grandeur of this building that looks like an palace and one cannot help himself but feel the curiosity to go in and discover what is inside.
    in all cases , I understand what you wrote but when I went there , I did not think its a very big deal.


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