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Money magic

Money magic

A gang of three arrested by the police claimed that they could double money by using witchcraft.

November 9, 2008 2:45 by

We at Kippreport have just found the perfect way to make money during the credit crunch. We’re planning to adopt a method that a gang of three men who claimed that they could double people’s money used. But unlike our scheme, their method wasn’t legal. They’ve been arrested by Dubai police.

According to Gulf News, a man went around telling people that he possessed a lot of money that turned black because of witchcraft. The way to get rid of the witchcraft and double the cash, he explained, was to keep the amount inside a locker, sprinkle a special powder on the notes and then leave them for 48 hours. The expense statement for this whole procedure was up to Dh300,000, which he’d share with his apprentices.

The police officers were not convinced.

But we’re legit. Our witchcraft can more than double your money. This isn’t a scam, really. You want to share it with us?

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