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Movie mishap leaves UK government red-faced

Movie mishap leaves UK government red-faced

Thanks to a 25 year-old error, retailers in the UK can sell videos with sexual or violent content to children for the next three months without any fear of prosecution.

August 31, 2009 2:50 by

Retailers who sell violent or pornographic videos to underage customers in the UK cannot be charged under law for the next three months thanks to a government blunder, reports Reuters.

Britain should have notified the European Commission of the existence of the Video Recordings Act 1984 (VRA) when it was passed 25 years ago, but it failed to do so. “Unfortunately, the discovery of this omission means that, a quarter of a century later, the VRA is no longer enforceable against individuals in United Kingdom courts,” Barbara Follett, Minister for Culture and Tourism told Reuters.

Follett said people currently being prosecuted under the act would not be convicted until a new act can take legal effect in three months.

In the meantime, people can sell sexual and violent videos to minors under the age of 18 without fear of prosecution.

Kipp is uncertain whether retailers in the country will cash in on this government blunder; we certainly hope not. We’re also wondering just what else could be legal thanks to administrative mix-ups.

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