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Has a whole new meaning on Emirates 24|7; sometimes inappropriate, sometimes weird, Kipp was shocked at this one particularly mean gallery this week…

April 28, 2011 4:13 by

Before we begin this blog, we feel it necessary to post this disclaimer: Kipp really doesn’t dislike reading Emirates 24|7. Grumble though we may about their particular choice of words and images used for “illustrative purposes” only, the online paper regularly does publish some interesting articles about matters that genuinely are of concern for UAE residents. That we complain about the site so often should indicate we read Emirates 24|7 on a regular basis unlike certain other papers.

That said, Kipp has been quite regularly horrified by a particular section in Emirates 24|7 called “News In Images.” The section, which one imagines would be a slide show of various aspects of current affairs, has contained galleries like “Why Hugh Hefner is Smiling,” “Porn stars who became politicians” and “Salman Khan flexes his muscles” [yes, that gem is an entire slide show of a topless Salman Khan flexing his muscles]. Hardly, ‘News In Images” if you ask Kipp, but hey we’ve kept our judgmental lips locked on the section for a while now.

But then, while we were perusing through the site yesterday, we saw this slide show titled “They really need a dentist!” The slideshow consists of photographs of people with malformed teeth, rotten teeth or just with-out teeth. Quite frankly, it is really quite awful to zero in on those with afflicted teeth, but then to caption the gallery with “They really need a dentist”? Come on, that is just plain mean.

Wait! There is more. Maybe we could have forgiven our favourite online daily, but then we read the write up:

“Except that we use them for chewing food, teeth adorn the beautiful smile. Dazzling white pearls sparkle while listening to a good joke. However, the teeth on these photos are definitely contributed to this face, look ugly. So it might be better with these people to not make a joke; until they visit the dentist.”

…for once, Kipp’s actually speechless. We don’t know what to say, what about you?

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